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Triple-I Games is an independent game studio founded by four veteran game developers who have worked at AAA studios such as Bioware and Sucker Punch Studios. They have all been at senior and lead positions at their former companies and are using their past experiences to craft games that they truly believe in. 


Hindsight 20/20 was born when Creative Director, Hemanshu Chhabra, really came to terms with what that phrase means as a philosophy. So many of us look back on decisions that we regret and almost all of us wish to do something about changing our past. Hemanshu wanted to make a game that encapsulates this feeling and allows players to go back and really see what differences they could have made.


about triple-i games

hemanshu chhabra

Hemanshu Chhabra

  Creative Director, Game Designer, Engineer

Hemanshu has been designing and coding for games since he was 13. In the game industry, he has primarily been a senior and lead gameplay programmer on award-winning AAA and indie games. Hemanshu spends his time designing deep and thoughtful game experiences, or writing engines that help him bring those experiences to life.

Noteworthy Games: Star Wars the Old Republic, Star Wars - Rise of the Hutt Cartel, The Unmaking, GI-JOE - The Rise of the Cobra


Game Industry Experience: Bioware, Amazon Game Studios, Fizz Factor, Foundation 9


paul whitehead

Paul Whitehead

  Art Director

Paul has been making art for games since 1999 and has shipped titles in almost every art position from concept art to VFX, including lead environment artist (Sucker Punch) and lead vfx artist (ArenaNet).  Paul specializes in being a visual jack-of-all-trades.

Noteworthy Games:  Guild Wars 2, Sly Cooper 2, Sly Cooper 3, Infamous, The Unmaking, Minority Report, Spiderman


Game Industry Experience:  ArenaNet, Sucker Punch, Amazon Game Studios,  Treyarch,  Loose Cannon Studios

kevin cecelski

Kevin Cecelski

  Animation Director

Kevin is an amazing engineer, animator, and a Math Guru. He has time and again solved extremely complicated problems with ease and has been in senior engineering positions in the game industry and the software industry. Kevin has also explored the field of animation in the past and has consistently produced some great looking animations. He is now our dedicated full time animator.

Noteworthy Games: Star Wars the Old Republic, The Tale of Despereaux, GI-JOE - The Rise of the Cobra


Game Industry Experience: Bioware, Fizz Factor, Super Happy Fun Fun, Ultra

noel gabriel

Noel Gabriel

  Audio Director

Noel Gabriel has spent more than a decade producing high-quality audio for over forty shipping games. A strong technical background blended with years of formal study in music theory and composition has allowed him great success with adaptive audio in these titles. He is tirelessly striving to perfect his craft through careful study of the various audio disciplines, and it is his goal to improve gameplay through sound and its symbiotic relationship with game design.

Noteworthy Games: Star Wars the Old Republic, Call of Duty: Roads to Victory, The Legend of Spyro, Spiderman 2 - The Game, Eragon


Game Industry Experience: Bioware, Fizz Factor, Amaze Entertainment, Human Code

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