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Jehan looking at a burning Champaner.

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  • Bosses react differently based on your choices and actions.

  • Discover nuances in personalities of the same boss in different playthroughs.

  • Bosses might choose to fight you very aggressively, or fight to defend their honor, or even ask for forgiveness depending on how you interact with them and others.



Jehan facing Aurthur while Champaner watches.
  • Townsfolk react differently, based on your choices and actions.

  • Your actions determine the fate of your town.



  • Champaner and Gibsonia are two towns where your actions are measured by different standards.

  • Champaner -  The home you are trying to save.  A peaceful place that believes in the sacredness of life.

  • Gibsonia-  The town threatening your home.  A home to creatures who live by a different set of rules.


  • Every quest presents you with moral dilemmas.

  • Will you murder your father's killer who holds an important position in your peace-loving town? Or will you spare his life and allow him to grow more powerful?

  • Will you save your best friend who wishes to end his existence because he might turn into a blood-thirsty beast? Or will you respect his wishes and allow him to perish?

  • Will you be ruthless in your actions and go against the values of your town for a potentially better outcome, or will you respect life, no matter what?

  • Will you obey the orders of the king of your town, or will you dare to question his authority?


the choice is yours

discover the power of your morality

What if you had the opportunity to relive your past and fix your mistakes for a potentially different outcome? Many of us think about and struggle with this fundamental question.


Hindsight 20/20 allows you to fix your mistakes from past playthroughs and relive them for vastly different gameplay and story experiences. Each playthrough of the game provides handcrafted experiences and endings that are personalized and unique to your choices and your actions.


For example... you belong to a town that values peace and harmony: will you break the rules of this town and be ruthless in your actions for a potentially better cause, or will you respect the values of your town, no matter what? The sheriff of this town killed your father. Will you murder him and violate the ethos of your people? Or will you spare his life and allow him to grow more powerful? Questions with moral dilemmas like these are what this game presents to you. The decisions you make have real and meaningful consequences that allow you to discover the power of your morality.


choose your words and actions carefully

they have lasting consequences...

Jehan in ruthless combat.
Jehan using merciful combat in Champaner.
  • Use your stun baton to incapacitate enemies.

  • Hit 3 non-consecutive targets to charge your baton for a one-hit takedown of the third target.

  • Opponents react to your non-lethal weapon with more confidence and aggression.

  • Acquire special abilities unique to being merciful.

  • Hit 6 non-consecutive targets to perform a Spell of Sentience.

  • Use your sword to kill.

  • Perform combos to hack-n-slash enemies.

  • Opponents cautious fighting style reflects the life-threatening  combat. 

  • Acquire special abilities unique to being ruthless.




choose between two unique

gameplay styles

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