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unearth the impact of your

choices and actions

Hindsight 20/20 is a real-time 3D third-person action RPG that lets you fix the mistakes you have made in the past for different outcomes and experiences in each playthrough.


This handcrafted choice-based experience is driven by a gameplay engine that creates dynamic gameplay and story experiences that are presented to you based on what you do in the game. Every action and choice you make is observed and recorded by the Experience Engine. These actions and decisions are what drive the specific outcomes that you then experience. The feedback loop of your choices and your actions affecting the flow of the story and the game is what drives the gameplay of Hindsight 20/20.

actions and choices matter

  • Your actions and choices are observed by the game’s Experience Engine.

  • The outcomes of your choices and actions are unique to you.

  • You craft your own destiny in each playthrough.

interesting ai and bosses

  • NPCs treat you differently based on your choices and actions

  • Bosses are relatable and have nuances in their personalities with shades of gray. There is no longer a border between good and evil.

  • A meta artificial intelligence is observing every action and choice of yours and adapting the gameplay and story to them.

a malleable world

  • Play in a world that changes based on what you do.

  • Your hometown can switch between 5 different states in each playthrough.

  • Your actions determine the fate of your town.


  • Each playthrough lasts for about 6 hours

  • Different choices and actions lead to discovery of different experiences in each playthrough

  • Acquire different special abilities and collectibles that are unique to your playthrough.


ten different endings

  • Each ending is specific to your choices and actions

  • Every ending takes all the choices and actions in your journey into account.


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